An Intro, A Test

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a long time now but never really took action on it. It’s 6:30am currently on Friday the 4th of November 2022 and for some reason I can’t sleep. But I’ve started writing so I’ll just see where this leads me. I’m very burned out on the internet I think. It’s a lot, all the time, everywhere. Sometimes I just want to disappear from it and hurl my phone into space. I have a lot of thoughts constantly and a lot of words I want to write and say, and I don’t really have a good platform for it. Twitter isn’t ideal for longer pieces, Instagram isn’t either and God forbid I do this on Facebook. I’ve never had a tumblr account and don’t think I ever will and I don’t think Medium is going to work out for me either. I’m sick of making new accounts. So finding out my website builder has a blog feature was pretty nice. I’m gonna stop writing now, because I just wanted to test this. But I’ll attatch one of my favourite photos, because why not. I hope you’re doing swell. Sending you love, whoever you are  <3

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